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As a solo artist, Lori has held residencies in numerous Chicago clubs, played opening sets for several recording artists such as Michelle Ndgiecello, Lauren Hill, Arrested Development, Tribe Called Quest and others. Lori has co-produced music for several independent film projects in addition to writing and producing television and film projects such as Kevin's Room, 40th:The Story of Roberts Temple and the Rap-it-Up Chicago series. Seen by many as a pioneer DJ in Chicago's House Music scene and one of (if not the) first women to grace the decks, Lori has been featured in a number of documentaries, articles and television specials. Lori views her love of all music as a "life-affirming, artistic extension of me."  She currently co-hosts the Vintage House radio program on WNUR 89.3FM Evanston Chicago and and is a board member of The Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation. Lori is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, niece and cousin. "My family keeps me grounded in truth, my music keeps me moving in all the right directions."

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